Our partners

The participation in the Copper Action Hub is open to companies or institutions that deal with or are interested in the subject of copper as a material for antimicrobial surfaces and want to contribute to raising awareness.

The Copper Action Hub and the associated communication campaign were launched by KME, one of the world's leading manufacturers of copper materials and copper alloys, to promote knowledge about the natural antimicrobial properties of copper and its possible use in the construction, transport and healthcare sector, for a safer and more sustainable future. The company is managed by IntekGroup SpA and headquartered in Osnabrück (Germany). KME has eight production sites in Europe, China and the USA and a worldwide sales network on four continents. Its two research centers are based in Italy and Germany.


The Austrian company Rezi has been manufacturing innovative cleaning products made of copper for hygienic and chemical-free cleaning since 1947. In collaboration with the University of Innsbruck, a patented process has been developed over the past few years in which cleaning cloths made of special microfibres are refined with liquid copper pigments. This allows surfaces to be cleaned in an ecologically sustainable way only with water while eliminating up to 99.99% of bacteria and viruses thanks to the antimicrobial properties of copper.

TransLink is a transportation authority serving the Metro Vancouver region of Canada. Created in 1999, TransLink plans, manages, and delivers services through its family of operating companies and subsidiaries, including Coast Mountain Bus Company, British Columbia Rapid Transit Company, West Coast Express, and Metro Vancouver Transit Police. In late 2020, TransLink became the first transit agency in North America to test copper-based products on its vehicles, as part of a pilot project with industry, healthcare, and academia partners. Phase 2 of the pilot will launch in Fall 2021 and run for one year.