What is the Copper Action Hub

The Copper-Action Hub was created to be a scientifically recognized body contributing its well-founded and multidisciplinary experience to study and implement the application and the most efficient use of antimicrobial copper in the public sector. The hub is chaired by Dr. Roberto Bertollini, Member of the Scientific Committee on Health, Environment and Emerging Risks of the European Commission and former WHO Representative to the EU. Based on scientific findings, the task of the Copper-Action Hub is to create guidelines and recommendations for the use of antimicrobial copper in highly frequented areas of public life, such as in the healthcare and public transport sector. Due to the different research focuses and diverse perspectives of the hub members, it is ensured that copper as an accompanying instrument in infection control can optimally support future societies.

Our Experts

IM Bertollini 1

Roberto Bertollini

Public health expert

IM Ratti

Carlo Ratti

Architect and Director
of the “Senseable City Lab” at MIT

Img Pallavicini

Piersandro Pallavicini

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
at the University of Pavia

IM Christine Roques

Christine Roques

Professor of Microbiology

IM Stocco

Paolo Stocco

Director of FedersanitĂ  ANCI Veneto, manager of public and private health facilities

IM Esposito

Maria Antonietta Esposito

Professor of Architectural Technology at the University of Florence, specialized in Green Airport Design

Img Loconsolo

Vincenzo Loconsolo

Metallurgical engineer
Commission for “Non-Ferrous Metals” of UNI