Vincenzo Loconsolo

Metallurgical engineer Commission for "Non-Ferrous Metals" of UNI


Vicenzo Loconsolo is President of the Technical Commission for "Non-Ferrous Metals" of UNI, the Italian standards association. After graduating from Politecnico in Milan as a chemical engineer specializing in electrochemical-metallurgical engineering, Loconsolo joined the Italian Copper Institute (IIR) in 1985 and was its director from 1997 to 2016. 


During his professional career, Vincenzo Loconsolo dealt with the scientific and technical promotion of copper and its alloys in all areas of application: architecture and construction, design, thermotechnology, mechanics and electrical engineering, while at the same time following the development of the legal framework. He works actively with bio-architecture and plant construction associations as well as the Italian Metallurgy Association to promote energy-saving and the use of renewable energies.

In the academic field, Loconsolo has been contract professor at the Faculty of Architecture of Florence and collaborated with the Master EFER - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources of the Faculty of Engineering of Sapienza University and the Master of Design and Architectural Recovery with the use of innovative technologies of the Faculty of Architecture of Federico II University.

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